Goal 500 Boomerang Bags!

Next Step Disabilities Boomerang Bag group has been approached by a local School hosting a Round Square event to make 500 Bags for a conference. We were so excited to have a goal for our bag club we couldn't let this opportunity go.

Sustainability is the them of this years conference and we are excited to take on this challenge. We will be reaching out to fellow Boomerang bag groups and communities to Volunteer time or help donate bags for this event.

If you love to sew, please come and volunteer at our Tuesday sewing sessions. If Tuesdays don't suit you come into our office pick up a sewing pack including fabric, woven Boomerang bag labels and a pattern to take home, once you're done drop them back to our office and we will add these to our telly . We are setting the deadline for August . Please get in contact to be a part of this great community event.